We Can't KEEP CALM, it's Shark Sisters Week!

Okay, technically it's not Discovery Channel's Shark Week, but it is a special week for us as we are officially launching our new website, and putting some teeth into the launch of The Shark Sisters, our fun, acoustic trio of dynamic women based in Sarasota, Florida. We're chomping at the bit to share our music with you.

The Shark Sisters combines the talents and funny bones of Brenna Larson, Beth Travers, and Coleen Marren. Together, we are already starting to make waves and capture hearts with our eclectic mix of original and classic folk, Americana, country and blues. We've got a boatload of poignant and humorous songs to entertain you with, and our guitar, harmonica, mandolin, ukulele, and bass picking are sure to grab your heart (but not your leg). 

Check out our calendar for upcoming performances. To keep updated, click here to join our mailing list, or LIKE us on Facebook.

Have a great week, and don't forget to be "jawsome." Hope to see you soon!

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    BT Shark Pool

    Mako says you are amakozing!!!! Very nice works

    Mako says you are amakozing!!!! Very nice works

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